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I volunteered to be a team manager, what does that mean?
First, Thank You!!!  Second, as manager you are the main source of your teams communication.  The club and the coach will communicate directly with you and you will then relate all information to the team.  You are also the one who handles the game day procedures and registering for tournaments.  We also ask that come tryout time you volunteer your time during your teams tryout period and assist with player check in.

Things We Need From You to Be Manager
Needed by July 1st 2017

1)Copy of Your Risk Management Card----Email it to,  if you don't have one contact Stephanie and she will set up account.
2) A 1.5" x 1.5" photo of you for passcard
3) Certificate of Completion for this concussion course
4) Current and correct contact information for yourself

Breakdown of Manager Duties

Fall/Spring Season

The team will receive a packet from their league (MYSL or MSPSP) and that packet will include player passcards, game day instructions and your team roster.  We suggest making yourself a team binder to carry everything in.  It makes traveling to games and tournaments easier when it is all in one spot.

Binder Contents (this is just a general idea, add whatever helps you out)
* Team passcards  (They fit nicely in baseball card holder sheets)
* Official Team Roster
* Gameday sheet (one for each game)
* Medical Release Forms for each player
* Consent to Travel Forms for each player
*  Envelopes to give to ref (HOME GAMES ONLY)

MYSL Procedures

Game Day Score Sheets:  

Sign into your account at .
Contact Stephanie for login information

Once you are signed into your account, click on your team at the RIGHT hand of the screen and you will see an option to PRINT GAME SHEET (right next to print roster).  Click on PRINT GAME SHEET, and a pdf file will come up. Select open, print two copies of your game sheet per game, and give both sheets to the referee at each game.  At the end of the game, the referee should return one to you and mail the other one to MYSL.   If you have any comments or concerns about the game, please write them on the back of the game sheet that the referee will be mailing to MYSL.

Please remember that you are required to check the passcards of the opposing team at EVERY GAME.

If you are having problems printing your game sheets, please contact Yvonne Curtis.

Referee Payment

You are responsible for paying the refs for all home games.  The club will give you a check at the start of the season to cover all games.   The payment amounts can be found here

Reporting Game Scores
The WINNING TEAM must report the game score within 48 hours of the end of their game. HOME teams will report the score for tied games. Scores should be submitted by accessing the MYSL web site – under the Standings and Schedules section. Access is granted through the MYSL number assigned to each team. Include game number, age division, winning team name and score, losing team name and score.

MSPSP Procedures

Printing Rosters

Game Day Sheet Procedures   (Ignore the 2011, the state never updated the date on the file)

Referee Payments
You must pay half the fee for each game (Home and Away).  A check will be given to you at the start of the season to cover all games.

Reporting Game Scores via Computer or Smart Phone

Reporting Game Scores via phone system
**Use whichever method you prefer


The coach will let you know what tournaments the team will be doing. It is then your responsibility to register the team for that tournament.  Once registered, email a confirmation to Stephanie so she can get a club check cut and sent out.  If it's an out of town tournament you will then have to coordinate a hotel for the team.  Most out of town tournaments have information for your on local hotels offering deals that weekend.

As the tournament date approaches the tournament will let you know what, if any, additional documentation will be needed besides passcards and travel forms.  If you need any additional information make sure to let Stephanie know so she can get it taken care of.

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